4l palmtree foam hand sanitizer
4Ltrs PalmTree Foaming Sanitizer
April 11, 2022
Wind Air Freshener Spray
April 11, 2022

100ml PalmTree Foaming Sanitizer

PalmTree Hygiene® foaming hand sanitizer has a unique formulation that guarantees its effectiveness

-The product dries quickly on the palm when applied.

– It doesn’t cause skin irritation, itches and cracks.

-The Coconut smell is also easy on the nasal cavity or the respiratory system.

-Ingredients are sourced from nature, hence, no harmful impact on the environment before, during and after production


Manufactured and produced in Nigeria and recognized as the world’s first all-natural foaming hand sanitizer, Palmtree® hygiene foaming hand was created by Environmental Science Hygiene (ESH) Ltd, Nigeria, a subsidiary of Environmental Science Hygiene, United Kingdom, and is the first of its kind all-natural foaming hand sanitizer produced, manufactured, and locally distributed in Nigeria.