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June 21, 2021
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June 30, 2021

Touchless 2 in 1 Hand Dryer with Automatic Sensor Tap


Perfect combination of hand drying technology and sensor tap

  • 10 Seconds fast dry
  • No wasting of water on the floor
  • Suitable for all kinds of sinks

24 hour delivery within Lagos and 2 days max outside Lagos

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Another revolutionary technology to buy from the Cleaneat Store is the Sensor tap with automatic hand dryer


1. Quick Dry— High-speed airflow, 10-15 seconds dry time, four air speeds for adjustment.
2. Air Tap — The revolutionary design with up and down array to effectively solve the problem of water splash
3. Durable Construction—Using 304 stainless steel material cover in Tap, ABS plastic material cover in body, stable and durable.
4. Hygiene— With built – in Double filtration (HEPA + filter) to keep healthy and hygiene, prevent 99.9 of the bacteria from air.
5. Applications — Easy to install, Same size as normal faucet Just remove the original faucet in any bathroom suitable in all kinds of public toilets.
6. Improve efficiency — Greatly improve hand cleaning efficiency to finish hand washing and drying without leaving the sink.
7. Simple appearance — original F-shaped design, strong environmental adaptability
8. Intelligent System

Advanced sensing technology to avoid wrong induction. Air does not sense when using water, water does not sense when using gas;
Power-off memory function;
Intelligent heating and forced heating modes ;
After opening, the default wind speed is 1 gear, four-speed wind speed adjustment;
Respiration light reminder function.


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