Auto-Sensor Urinal Flush

Price of Sensor Urinal in Nigeria

The price of Automatic sensor urinal flusher with the bowl in Nigeria ranges from N50,000 Naira to N100,000  depending on make and quantity. This sensor urinal bring incredible convenience to your life. Water-saving, hygienic and convenient to maintain. We supply touchless sensor urinal in Nigeria at a very good price.

The sensor can control flushing according to the frequency of use, effectively avoiding the waste of water resources. Convenient and hygienic. The flushing is thorough, no peculiar smell is left, avoiding infection of the bacteria effectively. Intelligent deodorization.

CLEANEAT responds with robust, hygienic and resource-efficient solutions wherever they are needed, such as in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary rooms that experience high numbers of users.

Add Automatic soap dispenser, Sensor water taps and automatic hand dryer and you have a smart bathroom. The prices below are for the urinal bowl alone. The sensor costs ₦40,000

Available Urinal Bowl