Raised Toilet Seats & Safety Rails

The toilet gets used a lot so keeping you safe with this daily function is very important. Give your standard toilet some leverage and support with great options in raised toilet seats, cushions and support rails. Choose from our collection of elevated toilet seats and safety rails at the best price and get it delivered same day in Lagos or next day in other states in Nigeria

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Who Needs a Raised Toilet Seat?

Raised toilet seats and safety rails are designed specifically for those who have a difficult time maneuvering from the sit to stand position on a standard toilet. This may be due to lack of balance, recovering from surgery, or conditions such as; arthritis, back, knee or hip pain – making it difficult and painful to lower oneself without assistance.

Benefits of a Raised Toilet Seat or Safety Rails

  • Arm rails provide additional support for those with limited mobility
  • Adds 3 to 6 inches of additional height to toilet seat
  • Raised height eliminates the need to bend so low to sit down
  • Ease strain on legs, back and knees
  • Reduce the risks of falls
  • Promote independence while toileting

Where to Buy Elevated Toilet Seats and safety rails in Nigeria

Elevated Toilet Seats and safety rails is not common in the Nigeria medical market but they can be bought online on Jumia, Konga or Cleaneat.NG. If you stay in Lagos and need it delivered same day then Cleaneat.NG is a fast delivery options.

Price of Raised Toilet Seats and Safety Rails in Nigeria

Generally raised toilet seat and safety rails price in Nigeria depends on the make and marketer. They range from 30,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira for a good quality. Ensure all the accessories are included in your purchase while buying. Some sale fairly used raised toilet seat but it is generally not advisable to buy hygiene products that are fairly used even though they may be cheaper except you are sure to properly disinfect before use