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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Automatic Faucet

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The automatic sensor tap in Nigeria is gradually becoming popular as a result of he corona virus outbreak. It has joined the list of infra red technology products used to maintain hygiene in the fight against the virus. Others include infra red thermometer, automatic soap dispenser, automatic waste bin among others. When sensor is activated, automatically supplies water as soon as hands are within sensing range, and stops when you move away your hands.

How the Automatic Sensor Tap Works

The Automatic faucet works in Automatic on / off which means that Infrared sensor faucet automatically turns on and off. When a solid object (such as a human hand) enters the LED’s range, it reflects the infrared light signal back into a receiver diode. When the receiver diode detects infrared light, it opens an electrified valve (called a ‘solenoid valve’) which then allows water to flow up through the faucet. When the solid object is removed from the LED’s range, cutting off the signal to the receiver diode, the solenoid valve closes and the water stops running.

Features of Non contact Faucet

  • Wastes less water : Water conservation of up to 70%.
  • Easy to use, easier to install.
  • Affordable (Entry-level sensor taps costs no more than 30% of normal taps).
  • Hygienic Solution.
  • Save money on water bills and energy consumption.
  • Advance infrared sensor technology.
  •  Sensor customization via a remote control (sold separately).
  • Auto Flush option available.
  • Touch Sensor override option.
  • Easy to Maintain and Service
  • Fast Sensor Activation Response
  • Advance Fibre-optic sensor technology available.
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Advantages of the Automatic Sensor Tap

Infrared faucets have a number of advantages over regular taps. including:

  • Hygiene: they are far more hygienic than normal taps because they require no human contact, meaning they’re far less likely to become contaminated with bacteria and viruses.
  • Less Cleaning and Maintenance: The lack of human contact also means that infrared faucets are far less prone to soiling. As a result, they require less cleaning and maintenance than normal taps.
  • Water Saving: Infrared taps can also lead to significant water savings, because the taps only run for as long as is required for hand washing.
  • Money Saving: Although touchless taps cost more than regular taps, the initial outlay is offset by the reduction in your water bill, meaning they’re not only good for the planet, but good for your bank balance, too. Maintaining our sensor devices are determined by whether the electronics are hardwired or battery-operated. Hardwired products are harder and more expensive to install but require less maintenance than battery-operated devices. Most battery-operated automated systems use standard batteries available at any store; and can also use rechargeable batteries.
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Disadvantages of the Automatic Sensor Tap

Like any product, infrared taps also have their drawbacks. Although we’ve stated that touchless taps are suitable for care homes, older people who aren’t familiar with infrared faucets can sometimes be confused by their operation. If your facility caters to older people, it may be worth explaining how the taps work when they are first installed. You could also consider putting up an explanatory sign.

Occasionally, the sensor in a touchless tap can be triggered by false signals from reflected light. When planning your washroom, make sure that the infrared signal from your touchless taps won’t be interrupted by light bouncing off mirrors or polished metal surfaces. Similarly, electronic taps can also be accidentally triggered by light reflected from hi viz jackets, which means they may not be suitable for industrial facilities where hi viz jackets are commonplace.

Infrared taps can sometimes become unresponsive; this normally means that the batteries need to be replaced. Thankfully, all of our battery operated units come with a low battery warning. This can also be prevented by running the infrared tap from the mains electricity supply.

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