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September 5, 2019

Tree Cutting and Trimming Cost in Nigeria

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It’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is… The answer is it depends. There are a lot of factors that go into pricing tree trimming. You can imagine that removing a huge branch of an oak tree would cost a lot more than removing a few small fronds off a palm tree.

The cost of trimming or cutting a tree in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors. First is the location of the tree is it accessible and how safe it while cutting or trimming. Then the type of  tree and how complex the tree is. All these will impact on the methodology and type of machine that will be used which will end up affecting the cost. You need to also consider how to remove the debris after cutting/trimming. Another thing that can affect cost is the environmental laws of the area. In Lagos State for instance you would be required to pay some fee for felling a tree

That being said I can tell you that the average price in 2019 for tree trimming a tree in Lagos or Nigeria as a whole can be as affordable as N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) or as high as N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) depending on the factors mentioned above. I guess it all comes down to the volume of branches that need removing, but more importantly how long the job is going to take.

For more detailed and accurate prices, please a picture of the tree and send with your location. We are a tree trimming service provider here in Nigeria


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