Camry Mechanical Weight Personal Scale
March 25, 2022
Height & Weight Standing Scale
Height & Weight Standing Scale
March 26, 2022

Digital Transparent Body Weight Scale


Part of any weight loss or fitness program should involve picking out an accurate scale to monitor results. This easy to use and accurate digital scale guarantees precise weight readings and ideal for tracking your weight quickly and easily.
The large LCD display makes it easy to see readings without bending down. It reads your weight to the nearest 0.2lb/.1kg and can hold up to 150kg/396lb. This body weighing scale is uniquely designed with tough, high-tempered glass platform on a chrome accent base and provides a spacious standing area.


Product details of Transparent glass Personal Scale, Digital Electronic Personal Body Weight Scale Tempered Glass, Mini Digital Glass Weighing Machine Round Personal weighing scale

  • 180kgsCapacity
  • 8MM Tempered Glass (More than sufficient)
  • Precise 0.2lb / 0.1kg Accuracy
  • Color : Transparent with Colored Strip
  • Four Digit LCD Display
  • Measures kilograms
  • Easy to power-up, just lightly tap the scale
  • Runs on 1 button cell
  • Auto Power Off Function and auto zero reading (Auto Off in 10 Seconds)
  • Easy to read large display sized 3 cm x 7.5 cm
  • High Precision Sensor, Overload & Low battery Indication
  • Diameter” 33 cm or 13 inches
  • Super slim, at 4 cm. high, easily hide under the bed or slip it in the drawer