Bed Side Commode Chair/ Toilet Seat

Commode Chair lagos nigeria

Bedside Commode  and Toilet Chair for the Elderly, the Sick and the Disabled

Medical commodes are designed for those with little or no movability to help them make their life easier and better. A commode chair is simply a chair with a toilet seat, and a bucket that you can easily remove. These chairs are usually placed somewhere close to the bed in order to help users/patients without actually being afraid of falling and slipping like they would in a regular bathroom.

Simply put, Commode chairs are mobile toilets that can be placed in your vicinity and are often used by those who are unable to cover the distance to the bathroom due to frailty or any other disease. the vessel for waste attached to the commode is removable and can be easily emptied. Toilet Seats as they are sometimes called in Nigeria are of great importance for debilitated people.

Commode chairs are equipped with support bars meaning you are protected from any risks that may arise due to movement when alone. apart from that, these chairs also help reduce your chances of suffering an injury by minimizing trips to the bathroom at night. they are portable enough to be carried to places. these chairs are foldable and can easily fit inside your vehicle, thereby making it easier for elderly people to undertake trips outside of their houses. commode chair helps you go to the toilet without assistance, calling for greater independence and discretion. Privacy is important and for those dependent on others for their biological needs; it can help a lot
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