ICU Hospital Beds

ICU electric beds in Lagos Nigeria

Order for your ICU electric bed here in Nigeria and get it delivered in hours. Our Electric Hospital Bed is adjustable and enjoys a reasonable price with high quality and safe performance. Our Critical Care Beds are sturdy, comfortable, having noiseless castors and adjustable backrest. The Electric Bed meets stringent quality and safety standards, is a good choice for patients and caregivers.

Patient Safety- Patients’ safety and comfort are your primary concern. The Beds are built-in several unique features to help you protect and care for your patients

We supply a whole range of medical equipment and PPE to help fight the corona virus scourge. Our supplies help to detect, protect and treat patients of the covis 19. They include forehead thermometers, and ventilators, among others. Call or whatsapp us for any of them you need

Sidhill ICU medical bed
Enterprise 3000 ICU bed
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