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Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in Nigeria

best hand sanitizer brands in nigeria

Hand hygiene has been proven as one of the major ways of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers are some of the ways of practicing hand hygiene. However all hand sanitizers does not carry the same degree of effectiveness in killing germs. The WHO recommends that hand sanitizers to be effective in destroying viruses must contain a minimum of 70% alcohol.

Cleaneat did a survey of the top hand sanitizer brands in Nigeria based on popularity, and perceived effectiveness. Though there are many hand sanitizer brands in the market, these ones are NAFDAC approved and enjoys a wide acceptance

  1. 2Sure hand & Surface Sanitizers:

    Although the youngest in the list 2sure has gained enough ground because of spread, media2Sure Hand Sanitizer dealers lagos abuja enugu kaduna hype, quality of the product and solid distribution chain. 2Sure hand sanitizers nicknamed double sure hand sanitizers or tu-sure by Nigerians is manufactured for seven up bottling company by Imperio International Ltd. 2sure is powered by a new formula capable of offering advanced protection against germs and enveloped as well as non enveloped viruses. This hand sanitizer is effective in killing bacteria and fungi. 2sure is everywhere in Nigeria as they utilize the existing 7up facility and distribution network to ease access. The NAFDAC number of 2sure hand sanitizer is 03-7477. They come in liquid and gel for 100ml, 250ml and 10L also as liquid spray only for 4L and 500ml. The gel is for hand sanitizing while the liquid can be used for both hand and surface.

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  2. Sanitol Hand Sanitizers:

    The Sanitol Hand sanitizer had been in the market before the pandemic sanitol distributors in nigeriabut due to competition and demand they expanded their product line. The Sanitol hand sanitizer is an Effective antibacterial instant hand rub sufficient enough to produce good hand hygiene in the absence of water. It is highly effective in killing germs. It contains over 70% alcohol as is required for good hand sanitizers. It is good for use individually, at home and at work. Sanitol is manufactured by Saponaria Industries who also make other beauty products popular among them being the Sanitol hand wash. Sanitol hand sanitizers are ready to use and one of the best when it comes to quality rub-in hand disinfectants. Due to its brilliant  skin-friendly composition, Sanitol hand sanitizers are loved by millions and comes in 70ml, 100ml, 500ml and 4Liters Sanitol NAFDAC Number is Sanitol
    NAFDAC No 03-3095

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  3. Purell Hand Sanitizer:

    According to Purell official website, “PURELL® Hand Sanitiser reduces some of Purell-hand-sanitizer-distributors-in-nigeriayour resident bacteria while eliminating the transient bacteria on the top layer of your hands. Purell is an American brand of hand sanitizer invented in 1988, and introduced to the consumer market in 1997, by GOJO Industries. Its primary component is ethyl alcohol (70%), Purell sanitizers are useful to all frontline workers and professionals in healthcare domain. Their efficacy in ensuring hand sanitization makes them perfect for everyday use. Purell has been the most respected sanitizer brand globally and in Nigeria too but it is quite expensive. Purell also produces their range of purell hand sanitizer dispenser

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  4. Wind Hand Sanitizer:

    You cannot mention hand sanitizers in Nigeria without a mention of Wind. Wind Hand wash and air freshener already existed in many offices before their sanitizers became popular as a result of the pandemic. Wind still remains awind hand sanitizer price in nigeria respected brand in spite of the competition and is one of the sanitizer brands that is sure to remain even after the COVID era. One of the unique features of the Wind brand is its unique bottle design making it difficult to produce fake versions of the product. Wind is manufactured and distributed by Cybel Cosmetics that has been operating and manufacturing in the Nigerian market, since 1967. The company has a rich heritage in the Nigerian FMCG industry as makers of good quality personal careand household products. Wind hand sanitizers exists in 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 4L gel only. The NAFDAC Registration Number for WIND Hand Sanitizer is 03-3275

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  5. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizers:

    Everyone knows Dettol, they don’t need introduction. Dettol instantdettol hand sanitizer price in nigeria hand sanitizers kill 99.99 per cent of germs and harmful bacteria without using water. Hand sanitizers from Dettol offer the best “on-the-go” protection and widely popular thanks to their rinse-free and non-sticky nature. These hand sanitizers are easy to carry and are widely used by office goers and travelers alike. Dettol is a brand of cleaning supplies and disinfectant and antiseptic, introduced in 1932 and the manufacturer owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Reckitt Benckiser. In Germany, it is sold under the name Sagrotan.

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  6. Carex Hand Sanitizers:

    carex-hand sanitizer price 100ml-Carex is a leading global hand hygiene brand. Carex cares for millions of hands every day, catering for all kinds of dirt situations, occasions and skin types. Carex offers a wide range of products which include hand wash and hand gels. Carex Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is uniquely formulated with antibacterial ingredients that kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria to deliver superior protection for you and your family. It also contains glycerine that gently moisturises your hands leaving you feeling protected and cared for. Carex leaves your hands feeling hygienically clean and cared for, so that you and your family don’t have to worry about germs and can get on with having fun filled activities every time and everyday. Carex range of products are proudly made in Nigeria by PZ Cussons Nigeria Plz.

  7. Emzor Sterilink Sanitizers:

    Sterilink is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which helps to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busyemzor sterilink hand sanitizer 100ml environments. It is designed to kill germs and gets the job done! When used properly, Sterilink eliminates 99.9% of germs on your handsaw it contains 70% alcohol. Sterilink hand sanitizer is the perfect addition to (or occasional replacement for) washing your hand with soap and water. Emzor’s 100ml hand sanitizers are very portable and can easily be slipped into your purse, pocket, and glove compartment while on the go! Sterilink hand sanitizers also contain emollients that soften the skin, giving you nicer-looking, smoother hands with a nice scent to go with it. It comes in 100ml, 500ml and 4Litres

  8. Renew Hand Sanitizer:

    renew hand sanitizer priceComart RENEW instant hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based anti-septic gel specially formulated to kill bacteria and deep action anti-septic instant hand sanitizer is highly effective against bacteria and . it is independently proven & effective against bacteria . it is safe, easy to use and non-irritating. it is a refill pack that help to guarantee that you don’t run out of hygiene supplies. the power of the instant hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs in seconds. and it is available in several formats and dispensing options. it moisturizes and does not have a drying effect on the skin. purchasing the deep action instant hand sanitizer in large quantity helps to promote well-being throughout your facility and your home. promotes good hygiene and health. Renew hand sanitizer comes in 100ml, 750ml, 4L and 25L

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  9. Forever Hand Sanitizer:

    Forever Hand Sanitizer® is made with both aloe and honey to hydrate and soften skin to leave it feeling refreshed, clean and moisturized. forever hand sanitizer with aloe honey 59mlYou’ll love the pleasant, stimulating scent of lemon and lavender. Protect yourself and your family with Forever Hand Sanitizer®, the perfect way to kill harmful bacteria or germs in a conveniently-sized bottle you can take anywhere.

    Hand sanitizer is your first line of defense against this invisible enemy. Yet many hand sanitizers can leave your hands feeling dry, itchy or oversensitive. Forever Hand Sanitizer® is the ideal solution. This formula is rich in aloe-vera to keep your hands feeling soft and smooth after sanitizing.

  10. Sanigel Instant Hand Sanitizer:

    500ML sanigel hand sanitizer priceSanigel Instant hand sanitizer is another popular indigenous hand sanitizer manufacturer. Sanigel was a very well known brand during the 2020 pandemic lock down in Nigeria as they had the big 1L and 4L gel and had NAFDAC number and an existing production facility to satisfy some demands before other major companies went into production. SANIGEL kills bacteria quickly, while it cleans, moisturizes and refreshes the hands. It helps to reduce the risk of infection. Ideal for health care and police personal. May be used as a supplement to normal hand washing when soap and water are not available. Sanigel is produced by SHULANPHIL Ventures- a specialists in production of household products. Other items in their production range from Liquid Dish Wash soap, Liquid hand Wash Soap, Body Cream, Hair Cream, Disinfectants, Air Fresheners and Powdered Detergents. Sanigel NAFDAC number is 03-7814

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Cleaneat Online hygiene store is a proud distributor of most of these popular brand. You can chat us on whatsapp or place your order online and have it delivered to your location from our head office in Lagos to any location in Nigeria and the entire West Africa. We offer the cheapest hand sanitizer price in Nigeria no matter the brand

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