Sanitol Hand Sanitizer

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Sanitol Sanitizer in Nigeria

Sanitol is a specifically formulated antibacterial hand sanitiser alcohol gel that prevents the spread of harmful germs. Its rapidly acting formula kills 99.99% of germs. Sanitol Hand Sanitizer eliminates all germs causing disease within seconds without the use of water. Dries quickly on hands and leaves a pleasant and fresh pine scent.

sanitol Hand Sanitizer is very effective and affordable, giving great value for money Help keep your family and those you care for healthy with sanitol Hand Sanitizer.

Sanitol Hand Sanitizer gives you the assurance of an all day germ free, clean and fresh skin. Sanitol is Nafdac Approved with Registration Number 03-3095. Use repeatedly on the go to kill germs. Protect yourself from disease causing germs. Sanitol Sanitizer contains over 70% alcohol, which makes it super effective for killing many known disease causing germs.Alcohol based hand sanitizers are strongly recommended and Sanitol Hand Sanitizer has met over the 65% required alcohol content making it your best option in the market. Direction of use: Put enough quantity on your palms and rub gentle till dry. We also have sanitol hand wash available