Portable Air Doctor and Virus Buster effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

What is Air Doctor? Air Doctor gives you a good hygiene life and comfortable feeling wherever you go, thanks to the power of solid chloride dioxide which provides a space that is microorganisms-free.

• Strong Antibacterial Effect: Solid chloride dioxide has two and a half times more oxidizing power than general chlorine agents used for disinfectant. Effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, etc.
• Strong Deodorization: During oxidation, gives off chlorine oxide gas, and it decomposes hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and other causes of bad odor emitted from the septic matter.
• Safe to Use: United Nations Food Committee approved Solid Chloride dioxide as Class A-1 which is in the same category as sugar and salt.

Where to Wear Air Purification Card

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