Nano Mist Sanitizer Sprayer for Sale

Nano Mist Sprayer also Known as Mini Pocket Sprayer, Portable Sanitizer Sprayer, Nano Mist Sanitizer Sprayer. You can now sanitize currency, your hands, keys, lift button, remote, watch, and all frequently touched spots with this automatic rechargeable Nano mist sanitizer sprayer.

Very economical just charge it with charging cable provided and you are good to use this sprayer. No need for batteries, just recharge with your charger at home or in car while on the move and use it to sanitize your daily need items. You can use any disinfectant solution e.g. Dettol + water Nano Mist Alcohol Fogger Sanitizer Sprayer.

Easy to carry in pocket and designed to protect us from Covid-19 infection. Can Sanitize Anywhere while Travelling, Boarding Trains, Buses, BRT and Cars. These product are available in bulk quantity and Wholesale Prices. It is also Ideal as a souvenir or gift

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