Large Capacity Industry Air Sterilizing Humidifier Machine.

Air Fogging Machine humidifier lagos nigeria

This automatic disinfection atomizer fog machine is good for a large space or to simply disinfect a space faster. Some have wheels that make them move around easily. It has a large tank capacity like 12L, 13L or 15L depending on the one you choose. The Disinfection humidifier machine can automatically switch off when it runs out of disinfectant liquid

The air sterilizing atomizer uses the principle of 1.7 million high-frequency oscillations per second generated by ultrasound to atomizing water or atomizing hypochlorous acid disinfectant into 1-5 micron ultramicro particles and then diffused into the air by apneumatic device to achieve the purpose of uniform humidification, disinfection and purification of the air.

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